A few years back, I discovered two passions in my life: Photography and working with children. I decided I want to study, and after a lot of consideration, chose to study kindergardening.

Nonetheless, I still carry my camera with me. Always. Constantly looking at the world through rectangulars, assesing the light, examining the colors... Always looking for the next shot...


I hate framed images, and reduce the use of digital editing programs to the minimum, only to truly represent the actual scene I just witnessed.


People often ask me how or where I learned to shoot pictures. My answer is - trial and error. One might define me as an autodidact person. I love the feeling of discovering things by myself - Always trying new ideas. Always aspiring to excel.


As mentioned before, I decide NOT to study Photography. This was because I wanted to keep photography as a wild flower - perpetually evolving, every time pursuing a new dimension, a new depth. Never dictated or directed by anyone but myself.

Photography for me is more than just a passion, it's part of my life...

© Opher Maoz



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